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Access 2-1-1 to learn about local food banks, rental and utility assistance, transportation services, mental health resources or referrals to nurse hotline numbers.

United Way of Door County is committed to providing training and funding opportunities to Door County Non-Profit organizations.

Funding Opportunities
United Way of Door County offers two opportunities to apply for funding throughout the year.

Endowment Grants

We are pleased to announce the availability of $10,000 in Endowment Grants.  These funds are for small grants for new projects.  There is no deadline, these applications are reviewed by the committee as they are submitted.  The fund stays open until all funds have been awarded for 2024.

Thank you for your interest in a United Way of Door County Endowment Grant. All funds have been awarded for 2023, please check back in February 2024 for information on the 2024 grant process.

This opportunity is to fund a project or program that is new to your
organization. Click here for the grant application. For 2023, we have $10,000 to award. There are no deadlines, applications are reviewed as they are received. 

Annual Funding

Thank you for interest in applying for United Way of Door County Annual Funds. The application period for the 2024 calendar year is now closed.  Please check back in October 2024 for information on the 2025 application process. 

United Way of Door County is now accepting applications for the 2024 calendar year.  This is your only opportunity to apply for 2024 funding. Applications are due Monday, November 13th.  For more information please contact Amy Kohnle at 920-746-9645 or

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