So, Who is ALICE?


Asset Limited. Income Constrained. Employed.

By definition, ALICE families and individuals are those who make more than the federal poverty level but less than the ALICE Threshold, which is what is needed to afford the basic necessities of housing, childcare, food, transportation and health care.


We come into contact with ALICE each and every day. In fact, we probably come in contact with ALICE

multiple times each and every day. ALICE brews up the coffee at the local coffee shop, freshly presses

dry cleaning, tends the counter at a convenience store and even cares for the elderly and children. These

hardworking individuals and families live paycheck-to-paycheck with no extra money to set aside in

savings. They are forced to make short term decisions that have detrimental long term consequences.



Making Tough Choices

Can you survive 30 days? Making Tough Choices is an ALICE simulator, putting you in the shoes of an ALICE household. You'll face obstacles such as affording childcare, finding transportation to work and putting food on the table. 


Alice in Wisconsin

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